Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Meet Henry the Dog

This is Henry the Dog. He is 100% handmade. He would really like to come home with you. If you are interested in Henry the Dog, he comes with an official adoption certificate and a hand stamped tag, just in case he runs off. All of the proceeds from Henry go to our rescue. For more information about adopting Henry, please visit our Etsy Shop.

I just finished writing our bylaws and filling out our 1023 application. I have to say, that the book How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation was incredibly helpful. It allowed me to complete the application without hiring a lawyer, as well as cut time in half by giving explanations on answers to some of the questions. We are still going to have a lawyer look over the completed form. I am hopeful that a nice lawyer will volunteer his/her services to help us with obtaining our 501(c)(3).

We also were able to obtain our non profit incorporation certificate, our EIN, as well as open a bank account this week. All of these things seem like a lot, but I do believe that the hard part is only to come. I think fund raising is going to be the most interesting and difficult obstacle as of yet. I hope you all are doing well! Stay tuned, I will be posting a delicious recipe for Vegan Hashbrown Potatoes soon.

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