Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dogs Rule

I just finished reading the Best Friends book. What a wonderfully positive and uplifting book. I would highly recommend it. It really confirmed to me that what we are doing is right. I cannot wait until the day we can truly start making a difference in animal's and young people's lives. By exposing our youth to the unconditional love that an animal gives we can change the way the younger generations look at life. It gives them something to care about, something to work for. There was a great part in the Best Friends book where an angry boy grudgingly visited the camp with his classmates. He made fun of the animals, made fun of the caretakers, and was all around just rotten. That is until they sent him off with an old dog on a walk. When he came back, his only response was, "that dog is cool!" And then in class afterward he even stood up in front of all of the kids that he is the ring leader to, and said what a good experience visiting those animals was. It softened his heart.

After all of my warm and fuzzy moments with the Best Friends book, I picked up the Farm Sanctuary book. This book, is quite opposite from the former. The author, Gene Bauer, really tells it like it is. I love how candid he is about the factory farming in Western countires. It is horrifying to me that human beings can have such little heart when it comes to other creatures. Had those human beings gone to a camp like ours, I bet they wouldn't be doing all of those horrible things to animals today.

Oh, and the photo above is a new edition to our Etsy Shop. Stay tuned because I have so many new pieces that I want to make and post, including more necklaces, some paintings, and of course more sock animals. I haven't forgotten about the Hashbrown Potato recipe, either. I promise I will post it soon. Be safe everyone, and have a wonderful evening.

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