Monday, October 13, 2008

Donate to Prop 2 for my birthday

Please! Please! Stop the insane cruelty to animals. Help improve conditions for the "farm" animals. Enjoy eating meat if you must, but please give the animals a life that is enjoyable first. Please pass this on to your friends. I am by no means trying to talk you out of eating meat, I am only trying to talk you into realizing the ramifications that come along with purchasing large factory farm meat. Proposition 2 will help the food that you eat to be better for you too. Unless you are in California, you will not be able to vote on this proposition. However, by donating to the cause, you will help get the proposition passed that stops animals from being caged where they are unable to move. Please watch the cute video. It is cuter than my write up...PLEASE DONATE NOW!

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